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Our Founder

Late Chairman Oh Jung-sup

The Late chairman of Dongbang opened a new era for fire
rated doors by producing fire doors in South Korea for the
first time in 1950s. Since then he drove the growth of the
company under righteous leadership with the aim of achieving
benefit-sharing with the society. His entrepreneurship
set a good example for all employees and still stimulates
employee motivation even after his death.

Born in 1915, he started working at an iron foundry at the age of 14 and managed to become a very promising technician after six years. In 1936, he opened his own workplace called Sunman Kangje Ironwork, which grew into a corporation, Dongbang Kangkun Sa, in 1944. When his business was poised to thrive based on his technical skills, the Korean War broke. And he reestablished Dongbang Kangkun Co from scratch in 1957 after the war ended and began manufacturing fire doors for the first time in South Korea.

Despite the solid reputation for the success of Dongbang Kangkun as a leader in fire doors, he continued refining technologies and developing innovating doors, making its leading position in fire doors stable.

In 2003, Dongbang Kangkun was renamed Dongban Novoferm. Chairman Oh Jung-sup led the company to the global market with confidence on 70-year technological prowess. He also achieved the goal for benefit-sharing with the society by awarding scholarships to students from low-income families over the last four decades. At the same time, he wanted to help needy students because he himself could not continue his study due to poverty. As the precedent of the scholarship program, he built a high school for war orphans in 1959. This high school is transformed into an alternative high school.

He was a highly capable technician as well as a successful entrepreneur who
wanted to share his success with people and the society. His spirit and
leadership laid the foundation for innovative technology, credible enterprise
and sharing of benefits that Dongbang Novoferm pursues.

All of the employees of Dongbang Novoferm honor his spirit and his endeavor for technological innovation and ethical management.

Profile of Late Chairman Oh Jung-sup

1915 Born in Gwangcheon
1957 Founded Dongbang Kangkun
1958 Founded Dongsung Hoi
1960 Chaired the board of directors at Dongsung Hoi
1963 Received the President of South Korea award
1959~2004 Granted scholarships to 15,000 college students studying engineering
1960 Established Gwangju Orphanage
1968 Founded Korea Caiser Aluminum (it was absorbed by Hyosung Group later)
1967 Established Dongsung High School
1978 Founded Korea High Pressure Vessel
1996 Received the Human Evergreen Tree award
2003 Passed away on May 30