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Disabled Door

"Once you open it softly, it closes automatically."

DongBang Eldor strengthens the strength and makes up for the weakness of traditional Swing Door/Sliding Door and wheelchair can pass very conveniently, which needs minimum space. It is suitable for doors of the disabled toilet since it can be used conveniently and easily by the disabled and also suitable for doors of patient's room and entrance of social welfare facilities since the elderly and the infirm can also open/close it easily.


DongBang Eldor is moving as if door is dodging human when you open/close door.


When entering or exiting, you need minimum space.


  • · Use : Toilet for the disabled, Toilet for patient's room, Entrance door for silver town, etc.
  • · Material of door : Steel door
  • · Opening and Closing : manual opening and automatic closing
Standard Size
Frame Size effective width x effective height
1130 X 2115 800 X 2000
1230 X 2115 900 X 2000
Direction in which door of DongBang Eldor opens