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Fire Rated Glass Doors

Dongbang Zenith GL "We provide security to even invisible places."

You may experience different environment of daily security with fire rated glass door, which ensures safe living. Dongbang Novoferm's fire rated glass door uses special fire resistant glass with top quality, which is made by pure domestic technology. It ensures safe evacuation by blocking fire flame more than 1 hour and maintaining transparency for a long time when fire breaks out.



Spec. Detail Remark
Steel Thickness SUS 1.2T / ST'L EG 1.6T
Frame Max. Size 2000mm(W)X3000mm(H) Fixed Window
1200mm(W)X2400mm(H) Single Door
2200mm(W)X2500mm(H) Double Door
3000mm(W)X3000mm(H) Double Door+Window
3000mm(W)X2500mm(H) Single Auto
Glass Thickness 8mm
Glass Weight 21kg/㎡±0.5
Glass Color Extra Clear
Light transmission 88.60%
Glazing Type



Star City (basement of department store) Lotte Castle Gold Prestige store in Chungdam-Dong Seocho Ssangyong Platinum Kyobo History Hall in Cheonahn