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Acoustic Doors

Acoustic steel doors from Dongbang Novoferm are designed and built products with the technology cooperation between the technology accumulation by AMBICO for 60 years and by Dongbang Novoferm for 55 years, which are in perfect harmony with their beautiful appearance and excellent sound-proof effect. In particular, record of STC53 with light and thin door is our superb technology-proven result.

STC(Sound Transmission Class) ratings
  • Acoustic Steel Door
  • STC 33 ~ STC 53Thickness 45mm
  • STC 54 ~ STC 64Thickness 46mm~70mm
  • Acoustic Wood Door
  • STC 33 ~ STC 53Thickness 45mm
  • STC 51 ~ STC 64Thickness 46mm~70mm

Single door, Double door, Fire-rated single door, Fire-rated double door

Fire Test

Tested and certified in accordance with NFPA-80, UL(Underwriters Laboratories) and Warnock Hersey International.

  • Steel door: Powder coating
  • Wood door: Available various options –such as, Walnut, Cherry, Maple or Oak- and door edge is finished with
                        same sliced veneer used in door face.
Set of Acoustic door

Acoustic steel frame, Acoustic steel door leaf/leaves, gasket for frame, gasket for leaf/leaves

Standard weight of Acoustic Steel Door
STC 46 STC 51 STC 53 STC 59
39kg/㎡ 49kg/㎡ 73kg/㎡ 109kg/㎡

Acoustic Steel Doors, Acoustic Wood Doors