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Sliding Doors

"Everyone can use it conveniently due to easy movement."

DongBang Smoode is maximizing utilization of space by minimizing dead space. It is slope rail method-sliding door which moves smoothly and easily. It is quite suitable for hospital, welfare facilities for the disabled and nursing center for the old because it is very convenient for patients, children and the elderly/the infirm to use it due to little power required to open/close.



Roller, which is developed by special material, is closed automatically by angle of slope, which can lower noise level below 45 dB when opening and closing.
Oil damper minimizes noise, which is made when door hits door frame, by controlling self closing speed when door closes. (45dB noise level: silent office)

Noise level of DongBang Smoode: 45dB Noise level of other products: above 60dB


It lowers power to open door below 6.5N (when door weight is 40Kg), which enables patients, children and the elderly/the infirm to open it easily and smoothly. (6.5N: Power to lift approx. 0.65Kg vertically)

Power to open DongBang Smoode door: 6.5N Power to open other product's door: above 15N


Oil damper controls self closing speed when door closes.
We arrange to avoid accident in advance by using rubber gasket at door and door frame for shock rated purpose and rubber gasket at pocket area to prevent from jamming finger in the door.
Wheel chair, medical equipment and bed for patients can pass conveniently and safely because there is no rail at the bottom.
s It is very safe and convenient by applying Hold/Open function.


1. Type with both side pocket 2. Type without pocket 3. Type without pocket 4. Type with one side pocket (inside) 5. Type with one side pocket (3 jam bar?)